essay assignment on biomass energy

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I need essay assignment on Biomass Energy!

The case studies are expected to be an analysis of a renewable energy topic where the student researches the energy source and includes the following information in the paper:

1. How is Biomass Energy produced? Exactly how does Biomass energy become a part of the electrical grid?

2. What are the pros and cons of Nuclear energy?

3. Draws conclusions about its feasibility as a US energy resource. In other words could this energy really be a major resource if we no longer had the option of oil? Also what is the economic viability (cost) of producing the energy? Please include actual cost data.

4. Students will end the case study with a paragraph on what they learned researching their topic.


Grading will focus on the student’s analysis, reasoning, and depth of understanding of the issues, and thorough discussion of the energy source analyzed. The case studies will consist of 4 pages minimum in length, double-spaced, with 1 inch margins, no larger than 12 pitch/Times New Roman or similar font, and NOT including the bibliography, cover page and any graphics, photos, or tables.

Students are to use the APA Style for all references. Please note that I do not deduct points for long papers as long as the information is pertinent.

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