busn 330 ethics week 1 assignment

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Assignment #1

WEEK ONE: Introduction: Foundations for Ethical Decision-making

Chapter 1: Ethical Decision Making; Review Cases 1.1; 1.3

Chapter 2: Christian Ethics in Business: Tensions and Challenges; Review Case 2.1

Assignment – Be prepared to define Ethics, Organizational Ethics and to answer these questions:

  1. What is the main premise of the book?
  2. Can living according to Christian ethics really work to improve business and organizational life, or is this just a false hope?
  3. What model for Ethical decision-making does Gill discuss; and how does it compare to his 6 tests?
  4. What place does the Bible serve in a discussion of ethics?
  5. What should be the character of the moral life of business?
  6. What is the “2 spheres” concept?
  7. Is most bluffing in business like a strategy game?
  8. Is it true that few people adhere to an absolute moral code?

In APA format with proper citing.


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