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Deliverable Length: 400 words + reference s+ citations

Planning a New Position

Your internal client in the IT department is adding a new position of
database manager. She has asked you to help her in defining the position and
assist in the selection and training once a candidate has been selected. You
decide to start with a broad approach to the project.

1. What are the steps you would recommend to meet the client’s needs for this new


Objective: Develop a personnel selection process for a specific position.
Determine and design appropriate training for a given need.




Deliverable Length: 400 words + references + citations

The CEO has done quite a bit of reading in some of the major quality
improvement programs that are available to both the company and to its vendor
base. He asked you to describe how a company would go about picking one that
would work best for it. He specifically asked the following questions:


  • What criteria should be used?
  • How would you gather information about each kind of program?
  • How you would monitor whether the implementation was a success?
  • Why do you think there have been a number of these major quality improvement
    programs over time; in other words, why hasn’t one been accepted as the ideal


Objective: Describe the primary strategies used for implementing quality approaches

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