BUSI 345 CU Strategic Leadership Align the Strengths of Employees Discussion

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Read the posts of your peers and post scholarly responses to the initial posts of two. Provide additional suggestions for ways in which a clearly defined outcome and a focus on strengths might shape the capacity for success in a collaborative practice.

Student post down below:

The process of goal setting based on the outcome, performance, and process goals related to both business and personal development. It is imperative to have knowledge about the necessary tools you need to start planning. As a leader, you should collect the strengths that the community can bring to have a successful collaborative relationship.

The strategic planning outcome that will make any organization successful if they engaged and when aligned with goals and the audiences is focused, it will also improve decision-making. As a human service leadership, the practice-based theory can be practiced by licensed counselors, or therapist executives to promote employee satisfaction assure that quality care is provided based on standards and competencies, and promote an organizational culture committed to quality. It is imperative to be able to develop strategies and planning for more mindful leadership approaches in organizations.

As per textbook, defining the right outcome refers to focus people on performance. As a leader, you must start with a vision and effectively influence the team to see the same vision to be able to turn into reality.

Strengths-Based approach focus on positive characteristics, and abilities of the community. as a leader my role is to facilitate finding my community strengths focus on their strengths empowering them to believe change is possible and that they have the ability to make it happen. A strength-based approach familiarizes in a collaborative way the entire community’s abilities and their circumstances. Strengths-Based approaches focus on collaborative relationships to accomplish the identified outcome.

In my career, the way I practiced a strength-based approach is by emphasizing the use of professional engagement and judgment, as opposed to procedural approaches. This way I can focus on the individual who comes to my behavioral health office taking a holistic approach to keeping gain trust from the individual and he or she can identify what matters to them and how best outcomes can be achieved.


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