BU Biology Today Research Paper

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 Discuss a scientist whose biological discovery has made the greatest impact on your life. Provide details about the discovery and why you believe it has impacted your life.

Human diseases are characterized by abnormalities in cellular function. Discuss a human disease caused by the defective function of an organelle.

If you don’t water a plant, it will eventually die. Explain why the absence of water halts photosynthesis. Also, cells that use aerobic cellular respiration, like humans, do not produce ATP at normal levels without oxygen gas. Discuss why this is so.

Genetically modified organisms (GMOs) are used to create human growth hormone, insulin, and clotting factor proteins that are used to treat dwarfism, diabetes, and hemophilia respectively. Several crops such as corn and soybean have also been genetically modified in order to facilitate either the management or growth of these crops. Why do you think there is push back or opposition against the use of GM food crops but not in the use of products such as insulin, which is also created using GMOs?

There is a proposed biotechnology called “de extinction” where scientists would use DNA from an extinct species and genetically “recreate” that species. Do you think this is a good idea? Explain your reasoning.

The link below shows a description of de-extinction.



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