Brite Divinity School of Texas Mercedes Benz Selling Advertisement Essay

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Select a commercial that you feel you can write an essay about. Consider the following when constructing your essay:
1. Intro with Thesis as the last sentence of your Intro. (Thesis should refer to the attempted purpose of the commercial).
2. Body Par. 1- Describe the ad-what is happening? What is being sold? Who is involved? Where and when does it take place?
3. Body Par. 2 & 3- How is the product advertised? What strategies are used to sway the consumer to buy the product? (Appeals? Visuals? Music? Other strategies mentioned in the powerpoint and videos?) How effective are these strategies?
4. Body Par. 4-Mention any stereotypes that are implied in your commercial and the effect these might have on the audience. If no stereotypes are present, comment on how well the director created a politically correct commercial, and substantiate your claim with evidence from the commercial.
5. What information does the ad reveal about the target culture? (Cultural indicators)
6. Conclusion- To what extent are the cultural indicators true in your opinion? To what extent has the director achieved her purpose with the commercial?
Tips for essay writing:
1. Do NOT use “I” or “in my opinion” in academic writing- write in the 3rd person only. Instead of “I assume…” use “one may assume” or “the viewer might assume”, etc.
2. Use of transitions- You should have 1 at the beginning of each paragraph, and at least one within every paragraph.
3. Limited use of the BE verb (am, are, is, was, were)
4. Variety in sentence type and length (syntax)-N2SSWTSW (No 2 sentences start with the same word)
5. Variety of word choice (diction)- no major words are repeated, no DEAD WORDS (thing, good, bad, nice, etc)
6. Vague pronouns are not used (it”, “this”, “that”, etc.). Instead, use a synonym for the noun that the pronoun refers to
7. No outside research is required. However, if you do include some, you MUST CITE your source using parenthetical citation- You should be using for the MLA way to cite something parenthetically.
8. Use correct terminology and punctuation.
9. Format your paper using MLA style.

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