BOT-124 Comprehensive Excel Level II

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I want a tutor to handle my Online Class (BOT-124 Comprehensive Excel Level II) from A to Z.

The class has 4 chapters and a Final, But This question is only for 2 chapters( Ch1 & Ch2).

Every chapter has learned videos, 5 Exercises, 1 Project Exam, and 1 Skill Check Exam.

Grades are divided between Exercises, Project Exam, Skill Check Exam.

If the tutor gets excellent results, I will send him/her a question for the other two chapters.

I attached a picture of the assignments & the syllabus to this question.

All the tasks on CANVAS.

The required Text Books are on the syllabus, so you can check them.

Please Please, Read everything & the syllabus cheerfully before start working on the class.

Important Notes:

– The due date for both chapters is on April 27, 2021 at 11:00 PM.

– High scores “A” is required in this class.

– You have to read and watch all materials that the professor offers on Canvas.

– Number of attempts for Exercises:: 4 Times.

– Number of attempts for Project Exam:: 2 Times.

– Number of attempts Skill Check Exam:: Only One Time.

– Tasks must be completed in order.

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