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Article will be uploaded.

Visit an NGO, INGO, or another organization concerned with the rights of women and draft a brief description (the group may be an online group):


2-Purpose of the organization



Part 2 No outside source from chapter 1 in upload (book title: activist beyond boarders)

Keck and Sikkink (1998: 36) in this week’s readings highlight two ways in which transnational advocacy networks impinge on state sovereignty.

A- The first is what they call the “boomerang effect.”

B- The second is through the production of information that contradicts information provided by nation-states.

Answer the following:

What do they mean by transnational advocacy network?

How and under what conditions do these work?

What do Keck and Sikkink (1998: 13) mean by the “boomerang pattern”?

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