Biology Asthma Photo Advertisement & Discussion

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nderstanding Asthma – 360p [Animation]

Duration: (1:16)

Click here:

Type in the Subject line your TOPIC. This will make it easier for other students not to repeat posts. Once an example has been used it cannot be repeated for points.

You will be posting your advertisement file ONLY. You can choose a topic now and enter it in a subject line to reserve it; then go back and add your advertisement later when it is completed. This way you won’t have to worry about someone else working on the same topic and potentially having to start over.


DQ Initial Post: Choose a respiratory disease/illness/condition. Topics cannot be duplicated.


an advertisement to promote awareness. You will be submitting your post

as an attachment using one of the following file formats: doc, docx, 

ppt, jpeg, or pdf. Rich text format cannot be used for this project 

because it does not support graphics. You can create the advertisement 

in Word, PowerPoint, Publisher, PhotoShop, or another software program. 

There is no minimum word count for the advertisement. You could also use

paper and add pictures, captions, etc – just take a digital picture of 

it and save it as a jpeg or scan it and save it as a pdf (or other 

acceptable file format). You can copy facts for this assignment from 

your source, but not entire sentences and paragraphs. Facts should be 

short as a poster is meant to provide information quickly.

The Advertisement that you are posting for students should include the following:
Descriptive title
At least three pictures
At least two colors
At least three points of interest in text form (facts, statistics, etc)

Include the following information in an email to your instructor, DO NOT post these answers on the discussion board with your project file:
Title (can also include this in the project)
Intended audience (gender, age, ethnicity, etc)
Respiratory condition
Message being conveyed
Web source(s)

*An important note about images:

Many students break copyright laws during this discussion. Please be aware that most internet images (including Facebook images) are not free to use; you must get permission from the author who posted it. If you want to use an image that is copyright protected, email the author and ask for permission. Send the email response granting permission to your professor. At the bottom of the image, type: “Courtesy of _____________”.

You can also use images that are public domain and do not require permission to use. You might search for “free access” images in Google. You may also use one of the following URLs to find free access images:

Finally, you can come to any CSM campus and use a library computer to access free images. On the library home page, click on Databases-On Campus. Scroll down to find a link to the CSM subscription that reads:

ImageQuest from Britannica Digital Learning
“Access to nearly 3 million rights-cleared images from many subject areas for educational, non-commercial purposes. Possible uses include course development, college web sites, campus newsletters, student presentations, and faculty use.”

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