Biological Activity of DNA Polymerases Discussion and Responses

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The field of Microbiology includes the study of many diverse organisms including: bacteria, algae, yeasts, molds, protozoa, and viruses. We will be studying each of these organisms as we proceed through the course. For this Discussion Board: 1) Access the interesting Infograph on the monumental discoveries over the last 125 years in the field of Microbiology. 2) Choose at least 1 specific topic that you are very interested in and research this topic in a little detail. 3) Post and discuss at least 3 specific supporting details about this topic on the Discussion Board. You must include at least 2 scientific references in proper APA format in your post.

Here are the specific directions for the Module this week:

1) Access the infograph on monumental discoveries in Microbiology over the past 125 years by using the following directions:

To see this in more detail:

2) Choose 1 specific event on the infograph that particularly interests you.

3) Research this specific topic to learn more specific details.

4) On the Discussion Board,

  • Post why you were particularly interested in this topic and at discuss at least 3 specific details about this topic.
  • Please include at least 2 references in APA format in your post.

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