BIOL 307 UMGC Carbohydrates and Other Macromolecules Discussion

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  • Distinguish carbohydrates from other macromolecules (proteins, etc) Give two specific examples of how carbohydrates function within the human body.
  • What diseases in the aging demographic does high carbohydrate intake effect?
  • What does the article suggest people should do and why?
    • Describe and the roles of microfilaments, intermediate filaments, and microtubules, as part of the cytoskeleton.
    • What are fibroblasts? How are fibroblasts related to the cytoskeleton?
    • Explain how the new finding in the article about the two types of fibroblasts contributes to research about the aging process
      • Define active transport. Explain how electrochemical gradients affect ions-be specific.
      • Differentiate between primary active transport and secondary active transport-be specific & MINIMUM of 100 words.
      • Briefly explain the findings stated in the article and describe how they contribute to skin physiology.

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