BIOL 2020 UM Interpretation of Hormonal Results in Athletics Lab Report

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Laboratory A Lab Assignment: Testosterone Levels in Elite Athletes  Scoring Rubric 

This activity guides the analysis of a published scientific figure from a study that compared the testosterone levels of Olympic-level elite athletes.

Testosterone is a hormone that is naturally produced by both men and women, though typically at lower levels in women. Some international sports organizations use measurements of testosterone levels to determine eligibility for competing in women’s sports events. These rules are often challenged, as demonstrated by the case of Indian sprinter Dutee Chand. This figure shows the blood testosterone levels for 676 Olympic-level elite athletes, grouped by their biological sex and sport. Using the graph, information, and attachment provided, please complete the following by submitting 500-750 words, using American Psychological Association (APA) 6th edition format. You do not need to submit the completed student lab worksheet. However, data and analysis from the worksheet should be included in your lab report. Please use the provided rubric to ensure you have met all requirements to receive full credit.

  • Analyze and interpret data from a scientific figure.
  • Describe the ranges of testosterone levels found in male and female athletes, and discuss their implications for sex verification testing in sports.

This resource is provided by Howard Hughes Medical Institute

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