BIOL 102 WTCC Cellular Respiration Discussion

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Week 5 Discussion 

Do a web or library search to locate a research study about the effects of one or more environmental factors* that affect cellular respiration or photosynthesis (*examples: temperature, pH, sunlight, nutrients, carbon dioxide, heavy metals, UV light, air pollution, heavy metals etc). Briefly describe the conclusion from this research study in your own words. Include a reference to the article. 

Reply at least one to other student’s post.

Week 6 Discussion

Topic 6 My Favorite Creature!

This week we will have some fun exploring the amazing biodiversity on earth!

Pick one species as your favorite creature! It could be an animal, plant, fungus or bacteria. Humans and pets are excluded. Use reliable information sources to research this creature and answer at least 3 of these questions:

Which other species is your favorite creature related to and what are some of its ancestors?

What makes your favorite creature unique compared to other species?

Are there any concerns about the population status of your species? Is its population affected by human activities? Explain.

What is your favorite creature’s geographic range? In which ecosystem/biome does it live?

How does your favorite creature fit into the food web? What does it eat? And who eats it?

Everyone must also include why you picked this particular species as your favorite creature, and at least one embedded picture or video of your species.

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