Bioformatics Method Section Discussion

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Term Paper Methods (Draft)Briefly describe where you got your data and how you analyzed it. Your methods section doesn’t have to be long.Your project consists of analyses that you performed on your own gene family in Labs 3, 4, 5, and 6. Review the major steps in each of these labs that contributed to your results.Exclude anything that wasn’t used for your results. You will be describing what you did in your own words.– Accurate description of the type of data acquired to address the question – Accurate description of criteria or filters applied to the data- Accurate description of the analyses performed.Here’s what a clear description of the steps of the analysis pipeline, and the purpose of each step means:• Focus on the major analytical steps: gene identification; gene alignment; phylogenetics; reconciliation that contributed to your results. D on’t mention format conversions, copying files, etc., or any other non-analytical steps in your methods section.• You don’t need to mention every option or parameter. However you should mention changes from the default parameters that affect the analysis outcome.Notes:- See the grading rubric for more info.• Methods are written out in your own words.• Provide enough information so that someone in this classcould replicate your study. Folks in this class are already experts, so you don’t need to go into detail.– Avoid providing unnecessary information; keep it to the basics. You do not need to describe how tools work, etc. You just need to say what you did. • You should provide references for the software and tools that were used. Since we are all using a common set of tools, some reference can be found here: bio312refs• References in the methods section don’t count towards the references you need to include in the paper for your own gene familyHINT: See the methods section of papers that you read for hints on how to write the methods section and which references to include.• You don’t need to mention you used tools that are very common and don’t specifically address the biological questions. – For example, you don’t need mention Amazon, AWS, bash, linux , less, cd… etc.

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