BIO 230 Grossmont College Alzheimer Disease Presentation

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Which BIO230 topic did you choose to investigate further, and why were you interested in the topic?

• Who: Which scientists did the research and where are they from (what institution are they affiliated with)? Include information about the first name in the author list, who is usually one of the (junior) scientists who actually did the experiments they are writing about, and the last name in the author list, who is usually the senior scientist who writes grants to fund the lab.

• Why: Why did they do this study? What were they interested in trying to show (this information is often in the Introduction and/or Abstract of the article)?

• How: What experiments did they do, what were the results, and how did these experiments relate to their original purpose? This information is found in the Figures and Tables as part of the Results section and in the Materials & Methods section.

• What: What did they conclude from the experiments? What were the most important or interesting things you learned about this BIO230 topic?

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