BIO 225 HGTC The Antibiotic Sensitivity Kirby Bauer Method Lab Report

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*The first thing you need to do after reviewing all videos and documents under Week 7 Lab Assignments for the Antibiotic Sensitivity Lab/Kirby-Bauer Method is to check your email in D2L for the specific bacterium species that has been emailed/assigned to you. Then, using the measurements given for each antibiotic disk (in millimeters), determine whether each antibiotic is either Resistant, Intermediate or Susceptible to the bacterium using the Zones of Inhibition Table under “Bacterium Lab Report Paper” section of Week 7 Lab Assignments (there is a voice-over for the Zones of Inhibition Table to help with this interpretation). Then, you can proceed forward with writing the paper.

Paper Content: This is to be a lab/research paper on the “Antibiotic Sensitivity Test” or “Kirby-Bauer Method” for your specific assigned bacterium. Below is an example of each of the seven sections of this paper and how it should be presented in the format below designating each of the separate headings exactly as shown below. This paper is to be typed in WORD format and uploaded in the D2L Dropbox by the designated due date and time.

Title Page

This section should contain the title of paper, student’s name, course, class section, and date. *This should be on a separate page at the beginning of your paper.


In this section, students should present a very short but concise summary of the lab report. If someone else were to read the abstract, then it should summarize the entire paper for the reader.


The topic of the lab report should be thoroughly introduced here along with the hypothesis being clearly stated at the end of the introduction. This should be one of the larger sections of the paper. (*You will need to view the “Libguide Tutorial for Bacterium Lab Report Paper” video on how to do the online research for your bacterium through the Libguide Resources.)

  1. What antibiotics and specific bacterium were being tested? What kind of lab experiment was performed on your bacterium? How does it work?
  2. Describe the characteristics of the assigned bacterium. What is its microscopic and colony morphology? Where is it found in nature? What is the biosafety level of the bacterium? Does it have any special traits that might affect its antibiotic resistance capabilities? Is the bacterium known to cause infections and if so, what kind?

What is the phylum and class of the bacterium?

  1. End with your hypothesis. You should clearly state for example, “It was hypothesized that that the antibiotics being tested would be equally effective against <<assigned bacterium name>>.”


Describe the lab procedure as it would be carried out in the exercise with enough detail for someone to accurately reproduce the procedure. Make sure that you write in past tense and in third person for this section. This section should be about one-half to one page. No numbered or bulleted lists – it should be in paragraph form.


A full description in paragraph form (not a list) of all data that would be collected from the lab exercise should be presented. No tables or graphs.


This is where a full examination and interpretation of the results are to be described in a clear, meaningful manner.

  1. Was the hypothesis proven to be true or false?
  2. What antibiotic(s) were the most effective? What antibiotic(s) were the least effective?

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