BIO 103 UMGC Central Dogma & Personal DNA Analysis Discussion

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Part I: The Central Dogma

Explain how genes control our traits with a specific example. Your explanation should contain the following words: transcription, translation, gene, mRNA, and protein. You should include the name of a specific gene and a specific protein, and try explain how the role of that particular protein relates to the trait.

Example: The MC1R gene codes for the pigment protein melanin, which is responsible for the traits of brown eyes, skin and hair. The MC1R gene is first transcribed into mRNA, then translated into the melanin protein. If a mutation occurs in the MC1R gene, the result may be no melanin proteins produced, and a condition called albinism. Please find another example of a specific gene and corresponding protein (not melanin). I encourage you to briefly look through previous posts and try to find a new gene/protein not yet described. If you choose a previously described gene/protein, make sure your post contribute new information. 

Part II: Personal DNA Analysis

Have any of you had your DNA tested for ancestry and/or medical information with kits from companies like Ancestry, 23andMe, MyHeritage or others? If so, what was your experience? 

If you have not, have you considered doing so? What are some factors that may be preventing people from getting their DNA tested with these kits? What are some concerns? Alternatively, what are some of the benefits of DNA testing? (you don’t have to discuss both concerns and benefits, one or the other is fine). 

Recommended overview of the Central Dogma: 

Reply to at least two other students’ posts. Your replies should be substantial and contribute to learning. Suggestion: Help them if something is unclear in their explanation of the central dogma, or if they did not include all the steps and necessary components.

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