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I want a Bibliography for each of the 3 sources :

1- //

2- //

3- //

Annotation Paragraphs should include:(For number 2 just pick 3-4 points not all of them)

  • A summary of the text made up of:
    • an opening sentence naming the author and alluding to who that person is or what type of source this is,
    • the thesis/argument/ purpose of the source (may also be in the first sentence),
    • A summary of the logical progression of the source (how does its author get from a to b?),
    • The best examples or evidence provided in the argument that serve as support for its thesis.
    • The author’s conclusion, which will probably include a suggestion of some sort.
  • An evaluation (your critique of the article) which answers questions such as:
    • Is the author a credible/authoritative source of information and why?
    • How did the author build ethos?
    • Was the logos for the argument convincing?
    • What types of pathos did the author invoke?
    • How effective was the author’s argument?
    • Did any fallacies compromise the effectiveness of the author’s argument?
    • Did the author successfully address counterarguments?
    • Be sure to point out holes in all of the above categories as you see them.

Length should be 3-7 sentences.

It must be no fewer than two full pages, but no more than six.

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