Behaviorism Theories Discussion

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please respond  to theresita with 200 words  and include the reference in your response.

Since I can remember, my mother has mention to me that I have  always shown/display good temperament.  One of the examples that my mother told me of how I showed good temperament is that my behavior was very consistent.  I feel that I still display a good temperament, I try to be calm even in hard situations or events. I consider that temperament is part of one’s personality.  I fill that I am the type of person that tries to be compatible with others personality. “Goodness of fit refers to the interaction between children’s characteristics and the expectations of the adults who live and work with them” (Feeney et al. 2016, p.114).   I consider myself to display a good or well temperament anywhere I go.

Howard Gardner’s multiple intelligences theory, ” Like behaviorism, multiple intelligences theory is a learning theory rather than a developmental one. This theory suggest that, instead of a single general intelligence, each person’s intellectual capacity is actually made up of different faculties that can work individually or in concert with one another” (Feeney et al. 2016, p.135). 

I feel that my temperament can influence me to be a cooperative and sociable teacher.  I will maintain a  consistent positive temperament, I will try to influence in a positive way the learning of my students.  I will display a positive disposition, when engaging students towered positive goals in learning.  Having good communication with parents and students is very important. Having good sociable interactions with parents leads to good connection and this leads to better communication. It is very gratifying to know that now teachers should consider the idea that there are multiple intelligence that an individual holds. In these world every person has unique talents.  My unique talents can help me understand how I can help others. For example, if I consider to have more of musical intelligence, I will find ways in which I can incorporate more of my unique talent in my teachings, like making music while learning the color or the alphabet. “Multiple intelligences theory supports the idea that individuals have unique talents that should be acknowledged and maximized. It also reinforces the view that we should plan a variety of ways for children to learn the same skills and concepts” (Feeney et al. 2016, p.136). Life experiences are important or relevant. For example, when I was a little girl, I got tuberculosis. Do to this matter I feel that I would encourage parents the importance of healthy and wellness in the life of children. For example the importance of being current with vaccinations.   

Wow, I did the temperament rating chart for me and I did the rating to my middle child who I sometime call him the Unpredictable. The temperament chart rate  has a variety of components of temperaments that my son and I have recognize. In some of the ratings, I could not give a one answer but for the most part the temperament rating chart showed how we both have different temperament ratings or components.


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