Aveda Institute New York Personal Genetics Discussion

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For this week’s discussion, you will begin learning about what personal genetics is, the advantages and disadvantages of knowing your genetic code, and the ethical implications of personal genetic research.

The discussion includes two parts: an initial response that asks you to respond to five statements regarding personal genetics and a peer-review response that asks you to write a substantive commentary on your classmate’s initial response.

Read the following material:

  1. What is personal genetics? (Links to an external site.)
  2. Benefits and implications of learning about your DNA (Links to an external site.)
  3. OPTIONAL: Introduction to Personal Genetics Video

Submit a written response (in complete sentences) to the following statements.

For each of the 5 statements listed below, indicate whether you 1) agree, 2) strongly agree, 3) disagree, or 4) strongly disagree and explain why. If you are unsure about a statement, you can state so, but again, explain your choice.

Respond to the following 5 statements:

  1. People should have the right to learn whatever they want about their DNA because it is their own body.
  2. I would only want to find out my likelihood of developing a disease if there are ways to prevent or treat it.
  3. Employers should use genetic information to make hiring or firing decisions about employees.
  4. I would want to know if someone I was dating had a strong genetic predisposition to a serious disease.
  5. Information from DNA testing of relatives should be available to compare to DNA sequences found at crime scenes, to help identify criminals.

Peer Review Response

After you make your initial post, you will be able to view the initial posts of classmates. Pick two statements from the a classmate’s initial response and write a 2-3 sentence reply. The response should expand the conversation, even if you disagree with what your classmate wrote. You are welcome to agree or disagree with their opinion; however, respectfully offer counterpoints to their initial response.


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