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Choose FIVE (5) of the questions below to answer for the exam.

For EACH of the questions you choose, offer a 2-3 paragraph response. Be sure to include support for each of your answers from our text, readings page, and discussions. CHOOSE 5 from the following Identify and briefly explain three of the imperatives for studying intercultural communication. Then discuss how each of the imperatives you explained […]


Do you know what impression you are projecting when you interview? Have you ever had an interview go so well that you knew you had the job – or one that you knew was a failure? Do you know why? This week you learned strategies for interviewing and got valuable practice via InterviewStream. It is […]

Individually written paper

Topics: (you can choose one) 1. an alternative or complementary health care practice/provider (i.e., reiki, chiropractors, traditional healers, etc.,) You must respond to all 4 questions: What benefits(i.e.,health,social,emotional,etc.,)does this particular alternative/complementary health provider offer to individuals? Why is it important to have access to this alternative/complementary health care provider? What impacts (positive or negative) does […]

Choose 1 and write about it

Answer one of the questions below in a 4-5 page essay. You must use the assigned course texts (“Feminist Movement Resources” on Blackboard) for complete consideration of and response to each question. Please use proper footnote or endnote citation in MLA or Chicago Manual of Style. 1.Some feminists claim the Christian tradition can never be […]

Case analysis Outback Steakhouse going International

Case Analysis: Outback Steakhouse: Going International Does Outback Steakhouse have any substantial impacts for their growth expansion plans? Identify Outback Steakhouse performance surrounding these key issues: Restaurant expansion Operating efficiency Growth strategy Customer retention Cultural Considerations Restaurant sales Competition Conduct additional research as necessary to provide the most up to date perspective on this case. […]

Geography: Water World 250 Words With Two Responses 100 Words Each.

Topic: Water World Maritime boundaries are extremely important in many places in the world, and of course they take on extraordinary importance in the Pacific Realm. Because of the way we define maritime territories, island based nations can have much more maritime territory than land-based territory. For this forum, first explain the difference between territorial […]

Controls and Substantive Testing

Inherent risk is associated with the unique characteristics of the business or industry of the client. Firms in declining industries are considered to have more inherent risk than firms in stable or thriving industries. Inherent risk will not be reduced by internal control. Control risk is the likelihood that the control structure is flawed because […]

choose any 2 topics from below 5 topics and write 2 different research reports and follow the outline rules

Summary: TOPIC: Write an original research report consisting of one of the following topic areas: 1) Virtual Organizations, 2) Network Organizations, 3) Spin-out Organizations, 4) Ambidextrous Organizations, 5) Front-Back Organizations, 6) Sense and Response Organizations. 1. The final Research Report has a due date of. 2. This assignment is worth 100 points (20% of the […]

150 words write a comment

First thing, I want you to do before you comment on that paper. Read the paper I send you and follow those instructions. To support the 100 or 150 words comments you must base on those attachments readings I send to you Answer those questions According to those attachments I send to you. You must […]