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project planning 15

Instructions Throughout the duration of this course, you will be developing a project plan to present to your stakeholders. In order to make this a meaningful course, it is important that you select a project that aligns with your current work situation or a potential future work environment of interest to you. Please use the […]

research methods in criminal justice and criminology essay 2

400 word essay no plagiarism please. Question: What is the purpose of scale and index construction? Discuss the usefulness of these efforts in the area of criminal justice research. What are the relative advantages and disadvantages of scales? Book: Research Methods in Criminal Justice and Criminology 9th Edition, 2014 ISBN-13: 9780133008616 Frank E. Hagan

evaluating test outcomes 1 paragraph response to 2 classmates 2 paragraphs total

Evaluating Test Outcomes Test use in an organization can have both positive and negative outcomes. A test can help an organization to make better hiring, promotion, and placement decisions, but testing can also lead to negative consequences, including incorrect selection, overemphasis of tested characteristics, and an undesirable level of employee uniformity. Respond by Day 7 […]

writing some questions about data sets

Section IVA: Discussion of the Central Limit Theorem for Non-Symmetric Data Sets YOUR DISCUSSION (APPROXIMATELY TWO PARAGRAPHS) Section VA: Discussion of Results for Non-Symmetric Data Set YOUR DISCUSSION (APPROXIMATELY TWO PARAGRAPHS) Section VIA: Discussion of Unexpected Results for Non-Symmetric Data Set YOUR DISCUSSION (APPROXIMATELY TWO PARAGRAPHS) Section IVB: Discussion of the Central Limit Theorem for […]

wellness education program proposal

Develop a 5–7-page proposal for a wellness education program for a specific population. Integrate aspects of culture, CAM and spirituality, and linguistics into the program. Explain how to market the program to the population, and explain the ethical, legal, and economic factors that can affect the health of the population. By successfully completing this assessment, […]

business report 10

Acct 301 Project part Three(part one and two is attached for your review) The company I have chosen for my SEC 10-K project is Costco.Please see link below.https://www.sec.gov/Archives/edgar/data/909832/000… Business Report For your employer, evaluate your SEC 10-K Company.As a starting point, for project three: Review financial statements as whole. Use the Notes to the Financial […]

step standard 1 contextual factors knowing your school and community part ii

Understanding the learning needs of students is critical when designing instruction that is differentiated and geared to meet unique learning needs. As you get to know your students and their individual backgrounds, identifying their specific learning needs will help you strategically design their instruction and assessments. By analyzing the student demographics, environmental factors, and student […]

astronomy navigational question

Please show all work. For the following problem: Latitude=90-solar altitude + Declination of the Sun Longitude = (UTC clock noon time– 1200) x 15 degrees Solar DEC: Mar 21= 0 degrees JUN 21= 23.5 degrees Sep 21 = 0 degrees Dec 21 = – 23.5 degrees A ships navigator takes Sun shots and determines that […]