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Class Exercise – Module 8 – Real Property     Harvey sold his house to Jane under a real estate purchase agreement signed by both of them and prepared by a real estate agent. The sale was scheduled to be completed July 1st. When the date came and Jane was in the process of moving […]

unit 5 ip bio lab

A scientist collected samples of various organisms and returned to the lab. For classification purposes, he or she needs to describe their external appearance and internal physiology. For this reason, he or she has designed a special table that you must fill out. Taxonomy to Show Relationships Between Organisms  

can anyone fix or streamline resume

I have a resume that needs fixed or repaired. It is attached to the question. I need an expert in resume writing to help me get mine in order. 90% of the writing is already there. I just don’t understand why I’m not getting any responses from potential employers. PLease look over the resume and […]

online quiz

I need somebody help me with my online quiz, its gonna have 14 questions mostly are multichoice questions this friday(29/06/12). I have 65mins to finish the quiz during the quiz I will post questions here. The quiz is abt Bible.

what factors you need consider when creating menus food and culinary market

The answer must be (150-250 words).  Use the textbook I provided  as the resource. Answer must provide full understanding of the question and provide support via proper citation which is APA style.  The response must adequately answer all parts of the question.     Reading Assignments for Week 2- For this week, read pages 1-26 & 273-280 1: The […]

help solving problem 0

Need help solving problems.  Each question need to show step by step answers and absoulty no Plagarisim.run I will run for duplicates before purchasing.