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Need help studying  the instructions are listed on the first two documents  ASSIGNMENTDIRECTIONS!!!  & guide to writing  INSTRUCTIONS Your writing must be formal. should be in full-text, not attachments. An introduction, body, and conclusion are expected minimum 5 paragraph essay. DO NOT exceed the word limit. You must cite any information in your 500–1000-word response […]


  Review primary, secondary and tertiary prevention using Healthy People 2030 as a guide for current initiatives related to the health of women and infants. Relate the three levels of prevention to the health of infants and at-risk women in your community. Describe how a prevention program could positively impact specific risk factors for the health of […]


FOUNDATIONS OF BUSINESS LAW Don Mayer University of Denver Daniel Warner Western Washington University George Siedel University of Michigan Jethro K. Lieberman New York Law School REVISED ABRIDGED EDITION BY Franklin G. Snyder Texas A&M University Open Source Law FORT WORTH, TEXAS 2020 Chapter 1: Agency 2 This text was adapted by The Saylor Foundation […]


First, think back to a decision you’ve made that you either now see as a bad decision or that you’re still not fully sure you thought through critically. It doesn’t have to be a super-personal decision (why did I date that guy for so long in high school?), and it can even be a decision […]

skin cancer

  The American Academy of Dermatology (2021) states that skin cancer is the most common cancer in the United States. One in five Americans will develop skin cancer in their lifetime. Protecting our skin from harmful ultraviolet rays is imperative. However, the human body does benefit from a mild to moderate amount of UV radiation.  […]


  You, Inc. Create a company and give me a brief overview of what you produce and how you will set up your supply chain.  Address the following topics: global dimensions, role of logistics, distribution and omni-channel network design, demand management, order management and customer service, supply chain performance measurement and financial analysis, supply chain […]


Week Three: Discussion One Which motivation theory do you think would be the most difficult to implement in an HCO and why? BOOK LINK? https://bookshelf.vitalsource.com/reader/books/9781567936919/pageid/44 User name: [email protected] Password: I will send in message 1. Responses should be of sufficient length (150 words) with proper grammar. 2. Cite two references (one may be your text) […]

Individual Rights & Vaccination Policy

  After reviewing Module 2: Lecture Materials & Resources, discuss the following; School board trustees are requesting public comment before they vote on a vaccination policy for all children in a local school district. Should individual rights (e.g., parents’ rights to decide whether to vaccinate their children) be compromised to control the spread of communicable […]


advocacy Advocacy for Inclusion and Diverse Learners Identify an issue that you strongly believe in and write a statement of advocacy in one or more developed paragraphs. Indicate how you will be a change agent to make a difference in your state, community, or center as an early childhood education leader. Your statement should be […]