Auburn University Terrorist Organizational Models Discussion

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Your mid-term exam will consist of a 3-4 pages (900-1200 double-spaced words) essay reflecting your learning from class discussions, assignments, and the readings.

Please cite your work.

Please note: Essays will not be reviewed or graded after the fourth page.

The essay questions will be graded on correct format, grammar, spelling, and the ability to clearly and succinctly answer the question while providing evidence from the content readings to back up your analysis

Please choose only one of the following topics for your Midterm:

1. “Efforts by jihadist terrorist organizations to inspire terrorist attacks in the United States
have thus far yielded meager results.” Please analyze and discuss this statement.

2. Describe international threats from both political and religious perspectives.

3. Explain the meaning and uses of the term “terrorism”.

4. Should terrorism research include criminology insights and the consideration of political radicalization as a dynamic, evolving process, much as life-course criminology treats more common forms of crime?

5. Describe the concept of terrorism by examining the structure, strategies, and goals of international terrorist groups (or one specific international terrorist group).

6. Choose one of these concepts and explain its meaning, history, and applications of theory:
• The Face of Terrorism
• Terrorist Organizational Models
• Terrorist Planning Cycles

7. Explain and discuss the philosophical concepts associated with the will to harm individuals in
large numbers.

8. Identify the multiple theoretical approaches to defending against international threats and
explain their historical significance to past events.

9. Debate and discuss the following statement: “Good Intelligence is the Best Weapon Against International Terrorism”.

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