Auburn University International Terrorism Discussion

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Please read the posted announcement discussing the requirements for the discussion board posts before beginning.

Explain international threats as they apply in today’s world as it relates to North and South America and from a futurist perspective.

Describe the history of terrorist events and, through weekly reading and postings, explain the historical progression of international terrorist events as it relates to North and South America and a futurist perspective.

Describe in detail a terror group from South America.

  1. Describe a terror incident within North America that had ties to an international terror movement, such as the Boston Marathon Bombing in April 2013.
  2. From a futurist perspective, explain in detail, through discussions, research, and postings, a specific application of preventative measures against international security threats
  3. From a futurist perspective and from postings and class presentations, explain how the world is more secure post-9/11 from a threat perspective
  4. From a futurist standpoint, explain the role of being a “leader in a changing threat environment” as it relates to solving short and long-term dynamic issues facing the international community.
  5. Answer a discussion question as ONE essay post & make sure to attach a ‘word document” attachment.

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