AUA Marine Biology Hawaiian Island Questions

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1) How is it that the beaches of Hawaii have different colored sand? Briefly, describe the process(es) that leads to green, red, black, and the white sand. How are shell beaches produced? (5 pts)

2) Are the Hawaiian Islands moving? Briefly describe how this process occurs. What will be Hawaii’s newest island be (in a few thousand years)?  (5 pts)

3) The Hawaiian and Galapagos Islands (as well as many other island chains) are home to many endemic species. Select either island chain, then describe 2 examples of endemic species found on that island chain (this will require additional resources). Try not to use the examples presented in the lecture sessions. (5 pts)

4)Lastly, briefly describe any experience you have had with marine life. What did you see? Where did you see it? If you have never been to the beach/ocean, have you been to an aquarium? Briefly describe your experience (there is no wrong response here….). (5 pts)

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