attacking locks manipulation physical nature of vault and combination access for physical security

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Using the school library, other credible sources and proper APA formatting write 3-6 pages on the following as they relate to physical security.

•Describe the two basic methods of attacking locks.

•Describe the four general categories of manipulation.

•What do you think should dictate the physical nature of a vault?

•Name some advantages and disadvantages of using numbers with significance (such as birthdays, anniversaries, etc.) for lock combination access.

REQUIREMENTS: For this assignment you will provide at least 12 in-text citations with corresponding reference list. The recommended pages do not include your header or reference list. Please cite according to APA 6th Edition using Times Roman 12 Font and double space. Ensure you indent all paragraphs, use sub-header to differentiate your points of discussion, and make sure that each paragraph has at least 5 solid sentences directing towards the sub-header.

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