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Deviance Project

The purpose of this assignment is to observe and analyze reactions to deviant behavior. As mentioned previously, members of society follow very specific scripts when carrying out everyday activities. When these scripts are not followed, deviance ensures. Deviant behavior does not have to be illegal. It is simply something that is odd or outside of what is normatively expected.

For example, walking up the “down escalator.” You would not be arrested for this act, but it is deviant because most others will not engage in such behavior. Or, consider singing your favorite song out loud in a waiting room. This is particularly deviant if you are not wearing headphones. Again, you do not necessarily need to gooverboardto garner reactions. Consider sitting in an aisle of a grocery store. I realize that some of you may feel uncomfortable acting in adeviant manner. This is understandable and a consequence of social control processes. If this is the case, have a friend or family member perform the deviant act and record the reactions.

Pick a social setting and perform a deviant act. You can continue the deviance as long as you feel is necessary in order to get the attention of others around you. Observe both verbal and non-verbal reactions to your behavior. Who responds and in what way? Are other social actors getting mad? Are they laughing? Do they try and avoid making eyecontactwhile you are being deviant? Are there differences in reactions based on age, gender, or race? Be sure to keep the context in mind. Remember, deviance is fluid. In specific contexts, some acts may not be deemed deviant but definitely would be in other settings. For instance, smoking pot is deviant and illegal. However, at a concert, getting high may be normalized and not worthy of arrest in the eyes of police working the event.

Be creative when thinking of deviant acts but remember to avoid getting arrested or causing harm to those around you. Keep in mind that you should NOT let others know you are purposely engaging in deviance. However, after you haveperformedthe deviant act, you can let them in on it if you are worried about maintaining positive relationships within your chosen setting.

You have two options for submitting this assignment. You can upload a typed, double spaced, 12 pt., Times New Roman font paper that is approximately 2-3 pages in length.

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