Ashford University Reciprocity Discussion

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*Reciprocity is the idea that there is intrinsically a relationship
and expectation when gifts are given. The simplest way to see this is to
think about when you give a good friend a birthday gift. Then when your
birthday rolls around, you wait for them to give you something. If they
don’t, would you be disappointed? What would that tell you about your
relationship or about that friend?

Reciprocal relationships do
not have to be equal in terms of money or even sentiment of the gifts
that are given. Think about a child getting a bicycle from their parents
and then giving their parent a macaroni necklace in return. The
necklace is not equal in price to the bicycle, and nor is the bicycle
equal in terms of sentiment to the necklace, yet they can be equivalent
gifts. You don’t see parents on Christmas morning thinking that their
7-year-old child should really get his or her act together to give them
better gifts. Reciprocity demonstrates relationships between the
gift-givers. Gifts are tangible evidence of the social relationships
between givers and recipients. They often help us understand other
people and our relationships with them.

Answer the following two questions:

1. Who do you give gifts to and on what kinds of occasions?

2. When would your feelings be hurt by not receiving something in return to match your gift?

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