Ashford University Christ Is the Source of Life Discussion

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Watch the video Greater Than All–Hillsong

  1. Navigate to the threaded discussion and respond to the following:
  2. How might knowing that Christ is the source of life and that He made all things from the beginning help you in your practice as a social worker? Identify and describe one or two practical implications of this for your practice as a social worker.

Like John, we are not the light, but only witnesses to the light, so that others might believe in the true source of life and light. Describe how you can be a witness to the light in social work and in what areas of darkness the light of Jesus is most needed.

  1. The passage reminds us of the Incarnation. God put on flesh and came to dwell among us. Discuss what this means about the character of God, His motives, and His way of helping us. Discuss how God’s example can provide a model for how we approach social work and helping others. Give an example.

The passage tells us that Jesus was “full of grace and truth.” Describe what it means to be full of grace and truth and why it is significant that Jesus was full of these things. Discuss why grace and truth are important to you and your role in sharing grace and truth as a Christian Social Worker.

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