ASB 300 Auburn University Food and Culture Discussion

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Comprehension Checks are designed to gauge your understanding of the material presented in Module. To complete the Comprehension Check, download the template, select which questions you would like to answer (if applicable), type up your responses in the template, and submit the assignment through the link provided here.

You must provide answers to five questions. Each question is graded out of six points for a total of 30 points. Each of your answers should be between about 50 and 100 words and should be written in full sentences. Responses should be primarily written in your own words. Direct quotations should be used very sparingly and if used, should make up less than 20% of your response. You should list which course resource(s) you used to answer the question within the response box. Any citation format is acceptable and you do not need to provide a full references list as it is expected you are only using course sources.* Please see the General Guidelines for Completing Written Assignments for tips on how to paraphrase and avoid plagiarism.

Each student needs to complete their own Comprehension Check. You can study with each another student but you need to complete the Comprehension Check alone.You may NOT share Comprehension Checks with other students and you may NOT upload Comprehension Checks to websites such as CourseHero. Doing so is considered academic dishonesty and is punishable by a grade of 0/30 on this assignment and/or a course grade of XE (failure due to academic dishonesty).

*You should not use an internet search engine to find answers. All answers are available in the course material and you should rely on these sources.


  • If you are having trouble with inserting your answers into the protected template, here is an unlocked version. Please do not edit the template other than inserting your typed responses.


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