ASALLC Social Science Fire Prevention and Code Enforcement Discussion

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I’m working on a social science multi-part question and need an explanation and answer to help me learn.

Please respond to Jason 

Part II: Imagine that you enter an establishment to conduct an inspection. The business owner does not have the number of exits needed, he does not have a full fire suppression system, the number of people that the establishment can accommodate is neglected, and the amount of material that can be stored in the workplace is exceeded. What are some ways to explain the importance of codes to this business owner? How would you explain that their establishment does not follow these codes and requirements?

jason’s post below

Hello Fellow Classmates and Professor,

Greetings from the state of Nevada.  My name is Jason Haynes and I work as a General Supervisor for safety and health training for a large mining company.  I had been a specialist in the mining for 14 years and been focused on the safety industry for over 18 years under both mine safety and occupation safety.  My goal is to become a leader not just in safety and health but for managing folks in drive goals to a zero-harm culture.

It doesn’t matter what industry you are in but is is important to everyone to understand fire codes and why they are important.  I n these situations, it can be a simple as a fine, time to correct or shut down but it is always good in my mind to have a learning opportunity.  Business owners are going to do what they can to cut cost (believe me it is true), however if there was a fire, bomb, active shooter, etc. we must protect people in the establishment.  This not only includes the employees that work you but any patrons, customers and protecting them as well.  Key stakeholders could be impacts if something is severe and the last think anyone wants is someone getting significantly hurt and injured by not following fire codes, OSHA, and even MSHA.

In a lot of ways, you must sometimes show them why these are important.  Giving business owners examples of incidents relating to not having an active fire suppression or not enough exist due to overcrowding.  Discuss running through drill scenarios to show where they were missing.  And always encourage businesses to work with people can help support them achieving what they need to for the fire code.

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