ASAL Social Science Occupational Safety Health Administration Paper

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In September 2020, 22 people were injured when two cranes collided. This could have been avoided had there been a competent worker to guide this job. Fortunately no deaths were reported as a result of this accident. This story gives no clear reason for the collision. Only saying that the cranes were not in danger of falling over because the bases were stable. One worker was still stuck 150 feet in the air nearly two hours after the accident but fire/ems stated he was not in any type of danger. Had there been a certified rigger in this area, this entire incident could have been avoided.


No employee must be directly under the load.

1926.1425(e)(2)Only employees essential to the operation are permitted in the fall zone (but not directly under the load). An employee is essential to the operation if the employee is conducting one of the following operations and the employer can demonstrate it is infeasible for the employee to perform that operation from outside the fall zone: (1) Physically guide the load; (2) closely monitor and give instructions regarding the load’s movement; or (3) either detach it from or initially attach it to another component or structure (such as, but not limited to, making an initial connection or installing bracing).

Over 20 injured after 2 construction cranes collide in Austin (

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