argument research paper 1

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Word Count: 1200-1500

Required Sources: At leastsix, with at least one scholarly source

In this essay, you will be arguing for a much-needed change. you write about:

1) A much-needed change concerning an issue or topic within or connected to your discipline, field of study, and/ or college major.

Intended Audience/Stakeholder:

You will write this argument to someone (or a specific group) who could make this change or at least take the first step to making this change happen.
You will use research to back-up your claims and help persuade your intended audience.

*You may use your research and/or writing from Projects Two and Three.

You need to include:

  • Your analysis and examination of the problem and/or issue (within an organization or within your field of study)
  • Evaluation (make critical judgments) about an issue
  • Assembled evidence to support your claims
  • Present a possible solution or plan of action addressing the issue
  • Address the opposing viewpoint(s)
  • *Consideration of your audience
    (Consider your audience a “stakeholder”& someone who could make this change or at least take the first step.)

The main goal & purpose of this paper is for you to argue for a much needed change.

All of your presented research information should be used as “back-up” to your claims and justify your argument. All evidence presented should be strengthening your argument.

One opposing view or “counter-argument” should be included. This “counter-argument” still strengthens your argument because within your writing you will debunk their stance by presenting flaws or holes found in their argument. This section should come AFTER you have built your argument and presented valid points/sub- claims of your thesis.

APA formatting & citations You need to use a grammar handbook, OWL website, and/or the style handouts on the university’s writing center webpage. I expect you to properly site all of your sources (books, articles, on-line sources, databases, interviews, etc.). Also, you need to have a reference page, which is required for researched APA papers (this page is not included in the required page count).
Please note: there is a huge different between a reference page & an annotated bibliography.
Do NOT accidentally complete another annotated bibliography.

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