approaches to local ordinance reform

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Local and community government agencies regulate different laws through local ordinances. From leash laws to motion picture film ordinances, there are a wide variety of different local laws. These laws vary from community to community depending on the needs of that area. For example, in the Municipal Code of Malibu, California, there exists a chapter known as the “Motion Picture, Television and Photographic Production Ordinance,” or “Filming Ordinance,” which covers permits and insurance required before production can begin. In Topeka, Kansas, there exists an ordinance that prohibits the sale of cereal malt beverages before noon or after 8:00 p.m. on Sundays, unless it is Easter Sunday, when sales are prohibited all day. In order to ensure that local laws continue to meet the needs of all community stakeholders, it can become necessary to implement local reforms. As a policy practitioner, it is helpful to consider strategies for implementing reforms and the persons and agencies that can work together to accomplish reform.

With these thoughts in mind:

Provide a description of a local law in your community that is high profile or controversial. Then, explain a strategy you would take to reform the law and explain why you chose it. Describe which agencies in your local community you would collaborate with to accomplish this and explain why. Be specific.

Support your response using the Learning Resources and other scholarly resources.


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