Applying Supply and Demand, management assignment help

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***Instructions: Answer the following questions with a
minimum of 150 word-count per question. Separate the questions into different
paragraphs, total of at least 3 paragraphs. You can use outside scholarly
sources, but the source I provided for you is a must use source. Extra notes
are provided in the attachment for demand and supply shifters. Use APA Format
to include in-text citation and a reference. You do not need a cover/title page. ABSOLUTELY NO PLAGIARISM!!! Please
read the material prior to answering the questions. Let me know if you have any
questions or concerns.

Find an article or use an example from your own business
experiences in which supply and/or demand changed.  Do not choose the market for labor.  The analysis for a labor market is different
from a typical good or service.

1.  Explain which
curve shifted and which shifter was affected. 
(If you think both curves shift, for simplicity, just choose one of the
curve shifts to analyze.)

2.  Discuss how
equilibrium prices and quantities changed.

[Hint:  Demand
shifters are listed on pages 105-111 of Read 2 text. Supply shifters are covered
on pages 116-119.]

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