ANTH 102 University of South Carolina Wk 10 The House I Live In Film Essay

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Questions: As illustrated in the film The House I Live In, what are the major factors that contribute to drug use and sales? In what ways are both drugs and the war on drugs destructive for the individual and the community? What are some major inconsistencies in the drug laws that were exposed in the film, and how do experts in law enforcement and the courts perceive these inconsistencies? How does the film represent multiple political perspectives? 

This is the link of the short film you must watch in order to properly answer the questions: 

Also, include a personal question (I would like you include multiple short questions at one simple stuctured paragraph) at the end of your response (this question must be added apart from the 1-page response); this question can stem from the chapter Reading or PowerPoint presentation. (This the link of the chapter Reading: I will send the pictures of the PowerPoint presentation to the tutor that starts working with me on this question).

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