Answer the following bio questions

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During Cellular respiration this is reduced and this is oxidized:

CO2 + H20

H2O + O2

O2 + C6H1206

All living organisms can carry out this step of cellular respiration.


Kreb’s Cycle

Calvin Cycle

Electron Transport chain

In the absence of Oxygen, glycolysis becomes _____ _____________. There are 2 forms of this process, and humans can carry out the form that produces ____ ____________ acid.

This is the only product of cellular respiration created in the cytosol.



Acetyl CoA


The big “Waste” product of Cellular respiration is: (Hint: waste implies the substances are NOT useful to an organism)





Before Kreb’s cycle can begin, pyruvate must be converted into _____ _____________.

The important products of Kreb’s cycle include ____ __________, ____

___________ & ______ ___________.

The ______ _____________ & _____ ________ made in Kreb’s cycle are used in the _____ ________ to create lots and lots of ATP.

The enzyme _____________ creates ATP in the ETC for both photosynthesis and cellular respiration.

List 2 ways that photosynthesis is similar to cellular respiration and list 2 ways it is different/distinct.

(think about where the processes occur, how they happen, molecules involved, etc…)

Two reasons cell go through Mitosis is for ____ ________ and _____ __________.

Before a cell divides it must copy all of its:




Mitosis is only 1 of ___________stages of the cell cycle.





During __ __________ phase of mitosis, DNA condenses into _____ __________. Centrosomes help build the ___ ___________ fibers, which will attach to the ___ _________ of the chromosomes during metaphase.

Transcription of DNA is exactly the same process as DNA replication.



DNA replication is semi-conservative. Describe what this means.

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