answer scene 7 8 9 for streetcar name desire

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Play: street car name desire:…

Scene 7: What is significant about the song blanche is singing the tub? What is the song about? What effect does Williams achieve by juxtaposing it with stanley’s harsh words?

Scene 8: What does blanche say about stanley’s ethnicity that offends him? How does he respond?

According too stella, what was Blanche like as a girl? What caused her to change?

Scene 9: The Varsouviana has become a major motif. What is the significance of the song? What does it represent for blanche?

Why does mitch want to see blanche in the light? What has the light come to represent?

Blanche says that she does not want realism: she wants magic. She wants things not the way they are but the way they ought to be. What does this imply about her use of deceptions and her view of life?

As Blanche and Mitch converse, a Mexican woman is heard out in the street. What is she selling? What is significant about the scene?


Before Reading

Do you sympathize with Blanche’s downfall or do you feel that Tennessee Williams wanted to convey the sense that she deserved her outcome because of her actions? Why or why not?

After Reading

After reading the essay, did Seigle agree with your position? If she did, were there any points she made that you did not think of before? If she did not agree with your position, did she make a compelling argument or make you rethink your position?

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