answer any three questions from the list for the complete persepolis

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Answer any three questions from the list for

  1. How is revolution portrayed in the book? In Satrapi’s account, what are the stages of the revolution and what do these stages mean for the Iranian people?
  2. How are the Islamic fundamentalists represented in the book? What suggestions does Satrapi make about the relationship between faith and fanaticism?
  3. What does the book suggest about social class in Iranian society, especially, for example, in the story of the courtship between the family’s maid and their neighbor or the distribution of keys to paradise to boys drafted into the army?
  4. Early in the narrative, Marjane’s mother quotes her own father’s saying: “When a big wave comes, lower your head and let it pass” (Satrapi). To what extent does what Satrapi calls this Persian philosophy of resignation explain secular citizens’ acceptance of Islamic rule?
  5. Who are the heroes of Satrapi’s story? And what makes them heroic? How do Marjane’s ideas about heroism change in the course of her narrative?
  6. With her first stolen cigarette, Marjane kisses her childhood goodbye and declares herself an adult. To what extent has she actually left childhood behind?

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