annotated bibliography 205

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3. ANNOTATED BIBLIOGRAPHY – You will choose one specific topic in the area of abnormal behavior. You will be required to summarize five professional scholarly journal articles that are related to your chosen topic. The articles must be current from 2013-2017. The paper should be no less than 4 -5 pages in length and should be double spaced and in APA format. Your summary of each journal article must include the following information:

  1. The presenting problem – What is the purpose of the study (what theoretical question(s) to be answered)
  2. The scientific method used to answer the theoretical question
  3. A summary of what happened in collecting the research data (i.e. data collected from research, summary of findings…..etc
  4. The outcome or results of the study
  5. What was the limitations of the study
  6. What is its usefulness (implications) to social work practice or those studying in the topic area?

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