Anglia Ruskin University Week 3 Agency & Compensation and Fair Housing Questions

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Multimedia Presentation Research Activity. Week 3: Agency & Compensation

Students will watch and listen to audio/video presentations on a selected real estate case study topic and learn career experience skills. Students will complete the assignment by responding to prompts and writing out complete answers. DIRECTIONS:  Select 3 videos to watch/listen and take notes.  Answer the questions below in the text boxes shown below with at least 2 complete sentences each.

Select 3 of the following 6 videos to research and write your assignment. You are welcome to watch all of the videos, and then select your top 3.

1. Topic: Ostensible Agency

HLF Who Pays? by Hanson Law Firm (4:54)

Hicks v. Wilson, 197 Cal.269

2. Topic: Contract & Commission Lawsuit

Damages for Breach of Contract in a Real Estate Commission Case by Matthew Weidner (16:50)

3DCA 11-2833 – Mutual Reliance Financial Group LLC vs. Real Estate Sales Force Inc (Florida Court of Appeals)

3. Topic: Commission Due from Buyer

What To Do When a Buyer Breaches? by Hanson Law Firm (5:28)

Chan v. Tsang, 1 Cal.App.4th 1578

4. Topic:  Listing Agent’s Fiduciary Duties to The Buyer

Real Estate Law War Story: Dual Agency Fiduciary Duty by Hanson Law Firm

Horiike v. Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage Company

5. Topic: The Civil Rights Act and Fair Housing Laws including Jones v. Mayer

Federal Acts Related to Fair Housing | Real Estate Exam Prep

by Prep Agent (4:14)

6. Topic: Equal Housing Laws

Redlining, Steering, Panic Peddling, Blockbusting | Real Estate Exam Prep

by The Real Estate Classroom (8:20)


BE CURIOUS! You can research and review the cases below to gain more knowledge about each topic.  Check out “case briefing” sites such as the following.  Or, you can simply type the case name into the search bar.

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