Anglia Ruskin University Human Sexuality Psychology Discussion Response

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I feel the clothing that is labeled for girls/boys should not be labeled. I feel we should allow our kids to express themselves in whatever clothing they like without it being deemed for a girl or boy. Ultimately the comfort of the child is the most important thing. If a little girl is more comfortable in jeans and a t-shirt than in a dress then I see no issue with the jeans and t-shirt. If a little boy finds dresses more comfortable because it allows his body to breath and feel free and open then so be it I do not think that we need to prohibit their comfort because the clothing is deemed for one gender or the other. Ultimately as a parent it is your job to make your child feel comfortable, loved, and accepted and if allowing your daughter to wear a dinosaur shirt achieves this then so be it. It is time for us to let go of these societal standards ESPECIALLY on our children. I feel when it comes to little girl clothing in this day and age it is far too sexualized. I think a lot of it is extremely cute and a lot of it being sexualised is due to a sick person’s mind but there are a lot of clothes that I do find to be oversexualized for little girls. Personally the most innapropropriate thing I have seen when it comes to children’s clothing is the way we have tried to make our little girls clothes look like womens clothes because we think it is “cute”. Personally I feel when this happen we are sexualizing are children at a young age when it is our jon to protect their innocense for as long as we possibly can.

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