Anglia Ruskin University Cambridge Human Sexuality Psychology Response

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I’m working on a social science multi-part question and need an explanation and answer to help me learn.

Please respond to logan with 140 words 

If a friend of mine were to come out as transgender, I would make sure they know they can be who they are on the inside around me. If that means they want to transition to be who they are then that is all good to me. Another important thing for me to want to do is make sure I do more research into being transgender since it isn’t talked about as much in our society. I know people who are uncomfortable when people transition, but for me, being a good friend is being able to love them no matter what because when people transition, they are the same person but with a different look.

I would not feel different if my child came out as transgender. I know how unhealthy it is for one’s brain to come out as LGBTQ+ and for people to not accept that and would never want that on another kid. I would make sure my child has transgender affirming care and that they know that I will accept them no matter which way they present. As with friends, if you truly love someone, you should love them no matter what because that person is still your friend or child even if they transition.

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