Anglia Ruskin University, Cambridge and Chelmsford Human Sexuality Psychology Discussion

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Please respond to logan with 150 words

I have mostly heard the very basic myths about sex. I discussed in my Chapter 7 post that I was mostly taught that abstinence is the only way to avoid STI’s. I mostly learned this from my family and it made me very scared of sex. Although my parents are non-religious, they had a very religious view of sex. I believe this is mostly because they were both raised religious and I still see many religious ideas they have especially about sex. I think this is also a reason why many people overall believe it. Religion still has a strong grasp on the USA’s society. I also believe this is how many other myths happen because of strong religious ideas who promote purity culture. This easily leads to ignorance about sex because people can just be told “Only have sex during marriage or else you will get STI’s or pregnant” and that is apparently good enough education for teens. People will have sex and not knowing the prevention and precautions with STI’s can easily lead to the spread of these diseases.

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