Anglia Ruskin University Approaching an Individual in Kind and Gentle Manner Response

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Please respond to alejandro 

If I noticed signs of abuse happening in a relationship of a close friend or family member I would approach that individual and kindly give my opinion by letting that person know that it is not appropriate behavior in a relationship. I would state that I understand that there is problems in every relationship but any form of abuse is not acceptable, whether it is physical, verbal, or emotional (slide 18). If this type of abuse continues in the relationship, it can lead to major problems and ultimately hurt you, and those around you. I would also let that individual know that it is important to have communication to resolve the problems in the relationship. Should there be any threats, fear, physical violence, or cheating in the relationship, I would inform that person it is time to leave the relationship as it is not a healthy relationship anymore. Other signs I would look for is ineffective communication, failing to keep promises, lying, cheating, and any act of abuse and violence (slide 17).

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