Ambria College of Nursing Developmental Theory Discussion

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I’m a young female adult. Base on that.

Section 3: Summarize the developmental stage you are currently in, discussing the key characteristics. Compare your experience with the theory you described. In this section, using the theory and your story describe how the theory does or does not fit. Discuss why you think the theory explains your development or discuss why you do not think the theory explains your development. In this section you can bring in your personal commentary to discuss the limits and potential of the theory. If your theory does not work like the resources suggest, speculate on how the theory should be adjusted, changed, or abandoned. Ask yourself if the theory is sensitive to your cultural history.

Section 4: Reflect on your experience thinking about writing an autobiography and what you learned and any observations (i.e. what surprised you, what did you find most interesting, any overall impressions).

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