affordable housing in los angeles ca write full 4 pages due is in 30 hours

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Please make sure you read the policy memo guidelines (posted to Canvas) for detailed information about formatting, goals, and organization of a policy memo. This prompt provides you with the specific question, but it pairs with the guidelines on Canvas, which must be followed exactly.

Should LA be doing more on the issue of Affordable Housing? If yes, what? If no, why? What is the current status of Affordable Housing in your city? Is there a policy in place? What is that policy? What would be the potential consequences of changes you might propose?

Some things you might consider:

  1. Gentrification (be clear on definition)
  2. The average cost of housing in your city
  3. Number of evictions in your city (could be county, if so, state clearly)
  4. Number of people seeking help with housing (public housing/temporary housing/low income housing)
  5. Are there groups in the city that are creating more Affordable Housing? Why?
  6. How might civic organizations help demand reform or maintain the status quo on AH?
  7. Are there groups in the city that oppose creating more Affordable Housing?
  8. Does the city allocate funds in the budget for Affordable Housing? How much (% of Budget)?
  9. Can your city impose AH on developers? How?

I have attached the readings. I will attach the memo guidelines, instructions, and city fact sheet

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