Activity: Physical and Virtual Community Senior Center Experience. Locate a Senior Center (not a nursing home or assisted care center) in your area. Search your state government department of human se

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Activity: Physical and Virtual Community Senior Center Experience. Locate a Senior Center (not a nursing home or assisted care center) in your area. Search your state government department of human services, your county, and or your city for senior centers in the area.

Contact the Senior Center you wish to visit, inform the director/contact person that you are doing a homework assignment for this class. Make an appointment to visit the center so you can learn about its purpose, management/affiliation, activities available, and observe meals/foods being served.

Printout this assignment so that you can take notes on the things that you are asked to write about as you browse the center’s website for your virtual experience and visit the center in person for your physical experience.

Summarize your overall experience in a 2-3 page reaction paper as follows:

Header: your name, the date, day, and time of visit

1st paragraph: Name of center you visited, contact person’s name and contact information, center’s website if applicable, center’s physical address, and phone number.

2nd paragraph: Summarize the availability, accessibility, hours of operation, frequency of use, and demographics (age, gender, ethnicity, etc) of the seniors using the center.

3rd paragraph: Summarize the purpose of the senior center. Include a description of the services and activities offered.

4th paragraph: Summarize the physical and virtual environment. Comment on the room for games, arts and crafts, entertainment, educational activities, and dining.

5th paragraph: Describe the center’s meals and menu items. Include which meals are served, meal times, snacks, number of food servers, number of people served meals, seating arrangements, cost, and time restrictions if any.

6th paragraph: Give your overall impression on this physical and virtual community senior center experience. Include recommendations and commendations.

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