Accounting Question

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Overall, you will prepare a paper relating to a managerial accounting topic.

The paper must include:

  • Cover page
  • An introduction section (identifying the general topic to be addressed, accounting problem statement based on the general topic, brief background on topic, purpose of research, and research question(s)). Introduction section should approximate three (3) pages;
  • An Analysis of the research (provide findings of your research questions). The Analysis section should approximate three (3) pages.The Analysis section should contain the findings for each research question based on the information provided in the Literature Review section; and
  • References section (Minimum 8 peer-reviewed journal articles – All Current)
  • Please note that this course requires you to focus your research based on existing research literature from peer-reviewed journal articles.

A Literature Review (include Level 2 and Level 3 headings where appropriate). Literature Review section should approximate eight (8) to 10 pages; Using article abstracts (present below), complete/write the Literature Review section. (Approximately eight (8) to 10 pages). The Literature Review section should have appropriate level two (2) headings.

A Conclusion (answer to your research questions, recommendations, and managerial implications). The Conclusion section should approximate three (3) pages; The Conclusion section should provide a detailed conclusion as to whether or not each research questions was answered and why it was or was not answered. The Conclusion section should also contain the following level two (2) heading sections: “Research Recommendations”, “Limitations of Research”, and “Managerial Implications of Research”.

The paper must be objectively written in the third person; papers that contain “I, we, our…” will not be evaluated . Students will utilize at least eight (8) resources (all of which should be from peer-reviewed academic research journals). Students should plan to submit 15+ pages of APA formatted text (plus a cover page and references page).


The purpose of this assignment is for students to effectively communicate their research findings following the structure of the paper. a maximum of 10 slides (PowerPoint slide deck) that follows the structure of the paper. .

An example of a PowerPoint slide deck is provided:

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